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Procedures used in LOGO Class

These procedures work with pcLogo, Harvard Associates, Inc.

to sq
repeat 4 [ fd 40 rt 90 ]
This is our first procedure. We are teaching logo its "first word". This procedure draws a size 40 square.
to flower
repeat 10 [sq rt 36]
This "flower" is made of 10 squares spun around in a circle. Notice that it is repeated 10 times and turns 36 degrees each time (10 x 36 = 360). Make sure Logo knows how to sq.
to bouquet
repeat 6 [flower fd 80 lt 60]
This bouquet is made of six flowers. Isn't it amazing what Logo can make with squares? Bouquet goes with flower and sq.
to sqr :n
repeat 4 [fd :n rt 90 ]
This is a new procedure to draw a square. It uses a variable (changable number) :n . Now we can make different sizes of squares. SQ 20 makes a size 20 square and SQ 80 makes a size 80 square.
to cnt :n
if :n > 20 [stop]
pr :n
cnt :n + 1
This procedure teaches Logo how to count (CNT for short). It uses recursion (CNT does itself over and over again). It follows the couning pattern (:n + 1). When you count you always add one to get the next number.
to sqrs :n
if :n > 150 [stop]
sqr :n
sqrs :n + 10
This procedure combines counting and making differnt size squares. Use it with sqr. Instead of counting by ones it counts by tens (:n + 10) and instead of printing the numbers (PR) it makes squares (SQR :N) with the numbers. Pretty cool, huh?
to poly :s :x
repeat :s [ fd :x rt 360 / :s ]
This procedure can make any regular polygon with any
number of sides (variable :s) and any size side
(variable :x). Why is the right turn (RT) 360 divided
by :s ?
to spiral :s
if :s > 200 [stop]
fd :s
rt 119
spiral :s + 2
This is an interesting sprial design. It uses recursion, a pattern of counting by 2 and turns 119 degrees, only one degree less than an equilateral triangle. This makes it look like it spins.
to add :n :e :t
if :n > :e [pr [----] pr :t stop]
pr :n
add :n + 1 :e :t + :n
What if you had to add all the numbers from one to a hundred? ...or to one thousand?
to paint
if button? 2 [pr [Paint Stopped.] stop]
if button? 1 then pd else pu
setxy mouse
if key? [menu]

to menu ; Goes with paint.
make "key rc
if :key = "r [setpc 12] ; red
if :key = "b [setpc 9] ; blue
if :key = "g [setpc 32] ; green
if :key = "y [setpc 14] ; yellow
if :key = "w [setpc 15] ; white
if :key = "0 [setpc 0] ; black
if :key = "1 [setwidth 1] ; line width 1
if :key = "3 [setwidth 3] ; line width 3
if :key = "5 [setwidth 5] ; line width 5
if :key = "c [cs] ; clear the screen
if :key = "f [pd fill pu] ; fill an enclosed area
if :key = "s [pd repeat 5[fd 10 rt 144] pu] ; star
Teaching Logo how to paint with the mouse.

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